Terms of Reference


Membership of Pharmacists for a Smoke Free Canada shall include Pharmacists who are in good standing with their provincial licensing body and are or have been licensed to practice in Canada.

The President of the non-profit organization shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee includes a representative pharmacist from each province and/or territory across Canada.

Responsibilities of All Members

All Members have a responsibility to participate ethically in the non-profit organization.
Members are valued as professionals, on the basis of their individual expertise, and they are not to represent the sole interests of their firms or organizations.

Specific responsibilities of all members include:

  • observing all Terms of Reference
  • considering information that is relevant to the PSFC mandate, this may include information that the PSFC has received from the public
  • providing the Treasurer and President with an accurate statement of their affiliations and interests relevant to the PSFC mandate


Every member of the non-profit organization may be requested to sign a confidentiality agreement before participating in PSFC business, as a member, invited guest, observer, or resource person. The agreement prohibits the disclosure of any protected information received through participation in the committee, including information received orally or in writing.
The President will ensure that everyone participating in PSFC meetings, telephone discussions, e-mail exchanges, or any other another form of communication has received clear instructions on the confidentiality of the proceedings.

Reporting Procedures

The PSFC will respond to public inquiries about how the advice, combined with other information and scientific expertise, led to decision-making.

PSFC Deliberations

Decisions to be made shall be determined by consensus of the Executive Committee members.
Dissenting opinions will be taken into consideration by the Executive Committee in situations where consensus is not achieved, and the number of members in disagreement and their issues will be recorded. Subsequently, decisions of the Organization will rest on a quorum among Executive Committee. The quorum for the Executive Committee is determined to be one half of the Executive Committee plus one. If there is a tie, the President will have the deciding vote.
Responsibilities of the Executive Committee
The Executive Committee provides leadership and strategic advice in the management of PSFC.

Responsibilities of the President

In addition to all the responsibilities of an Executive Committee member,
the President is responsible for the following:

  • facilitating discussion among members
  • consulting with the Executive Committee to determine whether to limit the participation of members in a meeting, depending on the nature of the members’ affiliations or interests
  • communicating the confidentiality of proceedings
  • coordinating the work of the non-profit organization
  • supporting, in any other way, the PSFC mandate
  • act as signing officer along with the Treasurer for financial transactions

If the President is unavailable, the Executive Committee will appoint a President. Fulfillment of the role of President will be reviewed annually by Association members.

Responsibilities of the Treasurer

In addition to all the responsibilities of an Executive Committee member, the Treasurer is responsible for:

  • being familiar with accounting procedures in order to effectively manage PSFC finances
  • documenting receipts and records of transaction regarding the disbursement of money
  • providing a financial report to PSFC members on an annual basis or as requested by the Executive Committee
  • act as signing officer along with the President for financial transactions

Subcommittees, Ad Hoc Advisors & Invited Guests

Subcommittee members will volunteer based on their interests and field of experience. Subcommittees may, with the knowledge of the Executive Committee, seek out ad hoc advisors, where necessary, to assist in its work. The President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, may invite individuals with particular expertise or experience to provide input on a specific topic or agenda item.
Specific responsibilities of subcommittee members include:

  • observing all Terms of Reference
  • being available and prepared to participate in subcommittee meetings
  • being available and prepared to attend public activities related to the PSFC mandate, if necessary
  • considering information that is relevant to the PSCF mandate, this may include information that the non-profit organization has received from the public during a public input process, for instance, through meetings, interviews, public forums, or in writing
  • providing the Secretary and Chairperson an accurate statement of their affiliations and interests relevant to the PSFC mandate Ad Hoc members and invited guests must follow the same rules and procedures as all members

The PSFC, as part of its advocacy role, will engage in communications to the general public and stakeholders.

Prior to final release of any formal communication, the President will circulate a draft letter
to the Executive, requesting feedback by a specified date. Lack of response will be assumed
to indicate agreement with the content of the draft communication.

Process for Resignation

An individual member may withdraw his or her membership to the PSFC at any time by providing to the President written notice of their intention to resign. The letter should state the effective date of resignation.
Review of the Network
The Executive Committee will review the mandate, activities, terms of reference and relevance annually
to ensure that it continues to meet ongoing needs. Recommendations for improvement will be considered
on an ongoing basis. The Executive Committee retains the prerogative to disband the PSFC following such review.